The training stable Jorissen Dressagesports is at the end of the dead end street 1 Rue du Geer. Through the entrance gate you have access to the stables, cleaning and washing spaces, as well as to the solarium and the dwelling-house.

  • In total we have 25 boxes of different sizes, the smallest is 3,5x4m.
  • Due to the historic maintained ceiling arches in the stable, the horses are always provided with fresh air. Cause of the special box system the horses are able to see each other.
  • 5 hectare paddocks offer enough open space to the horses.
  • At the moment we are still using the old outside square of 50x22m. By summer 2004 the new outside square of 70x25m is supposed to be completed.
  • We mix the food for the horses ourselves. It consists of all important basic cereals. We add several oils and other fine natural nutriments, which are loved by the horses.
  • The client has the possibility to get accupuntural care for its horse, regularly.

The results are healthy, in best condition and good looking horses.

Stipulations for a horse beeing accepted are: valid vaccination papers against influenza/tetanus and herpes virus (Rhinopneumonia), as well as a liability insurance against third persons and a valid deworming.