Special Agent Amour

16-03-2008   |   stallion   |   black bay   |   1,78 m   |   Rheinland

 Special Agent Amour






born 03/16/2008






A Breeder’s Dream Comes True






The dark brown premium stallion was one of the favorites of the audience at the highly filled inspection (stallion performance test) in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The large framed, long-legged Special Agent Amour convinced the commission, breeders, and audience not mere at the pre-selection, his performances wow over and over again. Beauty, talent for locomotion combined with outstanding achievement potential are united in him. Three basic paces of highest quality are a further character of Special Agent Amour. An expansive walk, always in 4-beats. The trot is very strong and elastic. His hind legs always stepping fast under the balance point, united with enormous shoulder room (freedom of shoulder movement) and elegant use of fore legs has breeders’ and equestrians’ hearts beat faster. The gallop is characterized by ground cover and up hill, and up-hill trot.

The stallion demonstrates a lot of quality at jump with a very good dorsal use.

Special Agent Amour’s father San Amour was an exception at the inspection (test) as well. He achieved the top selling price of

€ 450,000.-. A year later he became HLP champion (winner) at the dressage-index. Meanwhile he carries the title main-price-winner.

The mother New Spring de la Bastide is a daughter of Polidiktus van de Helle. She has a lot of movement and jump quality. The first offspring (descendent) qualified itself several times for the finals of the Belgian Championship of dressage horses:  

The mother line carries with Goldspring de Lauzelle and Feo high-performance genes. Special Agent Amour a gem for breeding and sport.

Licensed stallion

Licensed for:  Westf, BWP
Studfee:€ 1000,00
Sperm:fresh, frozen,



Körung Westfalen 2010
Keuring Westfalen duitsland 2010


 Special Agent Amour

It was March 16th 2008, early evening, for a week night shifts had been worked to check on New Spring. She was in foal of San Amour and birth date was scheduled for 8th March.

On this March 16th we decided to altogether go out and have something to eat. Nothing in particular could be seen with New; so, we left the stall pretty much laid back.

We returned after approximately 1 hour 45 minutes. To be sure, Philippe just wanted to check on New. We only heard: “Come fast, come…!”

News was lying on the ground, behind her, underneath her tail something small and dark was situated, just the legs had to be born and again a small miracle had happened. New immediately got up to welcome her baby into this world. It was a black stallion. Special Agent Amour was born.




Special grew up to a happy and curious yearling. Though he investigated his world always from a slight distance, because of his motto: “Prudence is the better part of valor”.

In May 2010 time came for Special to upgrade from kindergarten to elementary school, as he was supposed to grow to a tall man. Philippe showed him on the halter with the lunge, what this long leash was used for. Fast the elementary school student knew what his father wanted and after a few weeks he obediently ran his rounds with the bridle. During summer playing at the lunge was rewarded with pasturing.
We decided to present Special Agent Amour for the inspection in Westphalia. It meant that real playtime was over for Special. From this moment on running at hand, lunging with German martingale, free running and free jumping were marked on his timetable.




Special enjoyed the devotion, which had been shown to him. Here as well you could clearly see, that he was a vast adaptive student. His calmness was remarkable for his age too. At the beginning of October 2010, we just had arrived from the World-Championships in Kentucky; we went together with our black friend to Wickrath (Mönchengladbach) in Germany for the pre-selection of the Rhenish-Westphalian register. It was his first public appearance and not only the audience, but also the commission of the inspection knew, something very special entered the ring (circle). Of course, the exams were taken on cobblestone as well; Special Agent Amour had been approved for the main inspection in Westphalia. Special still was prepared calmly for his second performance. Although we saw him everyday, over and over again it was a feast for the eyes to be able to see him how he turned into a proud horse. Running on the hand?? it became apparent, that Special had a fantastic way to use his hind legs.

Philippe as an experienced trainer in Grand Prix was inspired to have a horse, which already carried the disposition to collect in his blood. We were excited to drive to Münster with Special Agent Amour and present him at the inspection. For we knew, what we were about to show.




After the examination on the hard ground, the first enthusiastic reactions came from the viewers. At the end of the first day, everyone knew, that the San Amour from Belgium is one of the top candidates.

On the second day we received the judgment of the inspection “license ” ! Of course we were thrilled, but suddenly everything had changed. A cloud of people came to Special’s stall. Breeders came and asked questions about him. It didn’t stay that way, as now interested buyers from allover Europe came. And they bid and bid…

The last day of the inspection was used to show the breeders and the commission of the inspection how the stallions ran at the lunge and if they seemed worthy the award.

Special fulfilled his task professionally as the ground in the lunging ring seemed like a plowed field, deep, soft soil altered with hard soil.

Here again one could tell what a great horse he is and that he was awarded appropriately.

Requests for a potential sale rose continuously. We were approached from everywhere and asked if we wanted to sell. Even the register recommended to sell: That, huge offers had come in, that one would only wait for the stallion to be brought to the subsequent auction. That it would  be a dream for each breeder to sell their product for such sums…




We decided not to sell and therefore had to accept, that Special wouldn’t enter the final ring.

The headline of a Dutch specialist journal read: No auction, no winner!

We were thankful when last day passed and we were able to go home with our award-winning stallion. Just before taking off, people came and were willing to put the money cash on the table and take the stallion with them right away.

God, what an exciting inspection!

We decided to present Special Agent Amour to the BWP inspection too, which was supposed to take place mid of January.

Meanwhile a couple of inquiries from different distributors from Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium arrived to be allowed to distributing Special’s semen.

Special also passed the first part of the BWP inspection with flying colors. He was approved for the saddle inspection in March.

Now it was time for Special to get used to the saddle, as the test with the saddle was about 6 weeks ahead including the foreignridertest .Everyone was curious, how would the great boy react to a rider?

It was unbelievable, how reasonably the stallion accepted a rider on his back. He ran on the lunge, as if he had done this forever. After the second time the lunge was taken away and Special was directed just by the helps of the rider.
The stallion showed a humongous amount of sovereignty. No capriole, no uncontrolled jumps, no hitting with the head, no jumping away. What we saw was a balanced, supportive, easygoing, running horse. It was almost too good to be true. Special Agent Amour, not only is he an extraordinary stallion, he is a very, very special horse! A dream…


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