Le Beau

06-03-1998   |   gelding   |   chestnut   |   1,74   |   Oldenburg

 Le Beau




The first time we went to see and try Le Beau in Germany, was in June 2007. Until then a young girl presented him at M-level. Yet, one could tell, that he was able to pass through more than a M-test. 

Finally we decided in favor of him and, to prepare him for the big sport.

For the first time Le Beau won at the international tournament in Saumur in the small tour in September 2007. Further international success (victories) followed.

In 2008 Philippe decided to take Le Beau out of the tournament events to ideally prepare him for the highest lections (lessons).

Finally, in the fall 2009 it was time for the first international Grand Prix performances. For most people it became obvious very fast, ‘Le Beau is a world-class horse’.

Further international games (Cups) followed, amongst others World Cups and Master Cup, as well as Nation Cups in Saumur, Aix-la-Chapelle, and Rotterdam.

Time and again Philippe and Le Beau rode to win the prices.

At the CHIO Rotterdam 2010 time was due (ready at last), the two reached their first victory on a CDI 5* Championship in Grand Prix Special.

CHIO Aix-la-Chapelle was on their participating list as well. The Belgian team reached a spectacular 4th place.

In August Hickstead stood on the list, too a 5* tournament because of the Master Cup. Here for the first time both passed the 70 % marks and were rewarded with 6th place.

One challenge succeeded another. The biggest in this year should be the World Cup in the US, in Lexington, Kentucky.


Le Beau is characterized by his absolute elegance and intelligence. He is a gorgeous dude, who is able to whistle-blow what he would like just with his eyes.  



 World-Championships in Lexington, Kentucky 2010

 Our adventure, World-Championships of equestrians, started on Friday 17th.

The dressage horses of the Belgian team and of a view other countries had to move in to their first stalls at the airport of Liège on Friday evening. All health certificates, transportation, and other passports were collected and checked. TV and other media followed how fantastic logistics   were handled piece by piece.

By 8 am a fat plane from FedEx Press took off towards Lexington. And our Le Beau too was on board.


They touched ground in Lexington the same day and were taken to their next station, to quarantine…

Here all horses had to spend 48 hours to ensure that no disease had been introduced to the US. A torture for Le Beau, just pace in the aisle between stalls. Up and down, down and up…

Monday, 20th September 2010, finally all horses were allowed to enter the Kentucky Horse Parc. This was our definite destination for the next 12 days.


Meanwhile Philippe had arrived as well and was able to receive Le Beau.

The next days were used to get accustomed to everything.

Training had been started. Slowly but surely the different combinations worked towards their usual schedule of training.

It was an unbelievable huge area. There were 11 different riding corrals and every day a new space was designated to the Belgian riders by the organizers. So, a couple of miles had to be walked each day. There was a possibility to rent a small golf cart, which simplified matters significantly.

2 bikes were provided to the equestrians by the Belgian national federation, which also served a purpose.
Each federation had the possibility to rent a minivan for their athletes.

These vans could carry up to 14 persons. As the hotel was 30 minutes away from the events, the van was the only means to an end. However, only two vehicles were available for 3 disciplines. As the dressage people are known for their flexibility, they adapted themselves, once getting on the bus with the western riders and once with the versatility riders.

In the mornings after breakfast off to the bus, the first to arrive got the best seats; the last to come had to be happy with less. After half an hour ride through the typical landscape one arrived at Kentucky Horse Parc. Already at the first checkpoint everyone had to show his or her accreditation. One was checked another time by leaving the parking lot in order to access the actual area. Here, bags, jackets, and other things were examined for forbidden objects. After the inspection one took off by bike, cart or just by foot towards the stables. Before entering the wing of the stable you had to pass another control position.

For Philippe and Le Beau it was the same procedure every day.

Due to the high temperature outside training was hindered a bit, but Le Beau didn’t really mind. Something else did make him feel discomfort. His piaffe was very good but you could tell more and more, that Le Beau became insecure in his strong lections (lessons). Daily training went on.

Most of the time was spent in the tournament area as of immobility due to lacking transportation options, which was the best alternative, also in terms of spending as much time as possible with the horses.


One day the whole delegation of the Belgian riders took part of sightseeing a stud of galloper horses. For sure that was very impressive for us Europeans. Here one talked about monies, which in Europe are invested in real estate and not in horses.

At another day we visited a shopping mall in Lexington itself.

However, thanks to our friends, the western riders, we regularly went to typical American restaurants.

The first real big event was the opening celebration. The stadium was packed and all seats sold out. All sportsmen ran the lap of honor and greeted America, Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky Horse Parc and the spectators.

There in Kentucky for the first time it became clear to everyone what western style riding really means. We, dressage oriented beings in particular had to learn, that you had to be noisy during a test (exam) to stimulate the rider.


Of course, fun wasn’t to be long time in coming. Day X came closer. The problems with Le Beau didn’t really improve. We thought, it might be related to the saddle, but didn’t want to change anything so short before the test.

27th September, time came. The sky was grey, temperature went down noticeable, and it rained. According to the circumstances Philippe was relaxed enough. Le Beau still had the opinion something was wrong and was slightly distracted during the whole phase of riding out?? (outriding)?

After we had left behind all required riding corrals but the main stadium, the great moment had arrived. Philippe and Le Beau rode into the newly built Alltech stadium to take the exam for the World-Championships 2010. Unfortunately the problems, which sneaked past the preparatory stage, reappeared at the exam. The exam itself went pretty much straight, but Le Beau didn’t have the expression in piaffe and passage, which it had otherwise. The outcome was disappointing, as we thought, that Le Beau would show the capacity he possesses. With this result it quickly became clear, that this would be his last test there.

Now, relaxed, we could make a phone call home, as our oldest kid, Justus turned 18 that day.

Sadly, the other team mates didn’t make it to the next level either. So, from 28th September on we only became spectators of the big event.

On October 2nd we left towards home were we arrived sane and exhausted on the 3rd. With the luggage we brought all presents for the kids and, in any case we gained in a huge experience.


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