Family Jorissen

Meanwhile our family grew quite a bit. Penelope, born 2009 is the last one to complete our family planning.


Justus, the oldest son, found his preference for tractors and all that is related to it. If there is a passionate horse rider among the other 9 kids, we don’t really know yet. Paula dreams of fashion design, whereas Louise is interested in photography. Johanna is on the way to find herself and Lambert is already our professor. Laurence follows in his oldest brother’s footsteps. Lilly loves the horses, Lasse wants to become Justin Bieber and Lotte is our fairy doll… But all have one thing in common; they are all big fans of their father.

Well, we still have 2 more, unofficial family members, Franzi, our horse trainer on one hand and Obelix, our Labrador retriever on the other.