Philippe in young years

  Philippe in young years. Learning by doing.
  A picture as everyone knows him and lots of clients like to see him, then of course with their own horse.

Horses which grew with and due to Philippe

Here are some admirable horses which Philippe trained partly starting at remonte up to high dressage. Once in a while Philippe asked for advice from other trainers like Jan Nivelle and Jan Bemelmann, never the less the essential training was done by Philippe.
  Dwinger Pia
Dwinger Pia, half brother of Picante Pia, breeded by Philippe’s parents. Here at the international LRV championship, 1992, where he won the tilte second time. Dwinger was the horse with whom he got his first dressage experience. Philippe trained him to high dressage.
  Pikante Pia
Picante Pia, half sister to Dwinger Pia, breeded by Philippe’s Parents. Here at the Int. I. She also was trained by Philippe since she was little. She competed on international Grand Prix level.
  Pikante Pia
Again, Picante Pia. This time during St. Georges. In 2002 the combination reached results of over 70%. Now, she is only mother. Next year she expect a foal from Special Agent Amour.

Stallions Philippe gave a name

At the beginning some of these stallions gave Philippe quite a headache, but with accomplishment , persistence, trust in the horse and of course his talent for equitation Philippe prooved the jury, the audience and the owners over and over again what the horse was capable of. He lets them dance.
Even today he and the horse together proof continouaty how to fascinate the audience.

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Recent stallions which are still in training

Meanwhile it is the talk that Philippe is also skilled training stallions.  St. Ludwig from Germany also heard of it 
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Exceptional horses

Of course also Philippe worked with so called exceptional horses. One of them is still in most people’s memory, who are closer to Philippe. It is the horse which made Philippe the official Grand Prix rider: Forrester!

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Family Jorissen

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